Saturday, December 18, 2010

3 Months Old!

What a cutie-pants, if I do say so myself! Mac is three months old today. No doctor's appointment, so we have no idea how much he weighs, but it's probably more than 11 pounds (what he weighed a month ago).

Here's what he's been doing over the past month:

  • Discovering his hands. He doesn't stare at them that much, but he's definitely learning to control and use them. He will swat at toys that are hanging in front of him, and if you hold an object up to his hands, he will usually grab it and hold it. And inspect it.  He also frequently puts his hands together (kind of like he's folding them in his lap). Supposedly that's a milestone.
  • He's starting to use his mouth more. Those objects he holds? They often end up in his mouth. He also likes to suck on his hand or his arm if it's readily available. Yours will work, too, if it's within the vicinity.
  • He's holding his head up really well. He's not always a huge fan of tummy time on the floor, but if you pick him up and hold him against you or sit him up on your lap, he has great posture and wants to look all around the room. He especially likes to stare at the Christmas tree!
  • He's not talking as much as I expected, but he's very interested in it. He likes to watch people talk. A lot. He likes to stare at my while I say "ooooooh," and "ho, ho, ho!"  Rarely, he'll even say, "oooh" back. Once he said "ho!"
  • He loves to smile at people. He smiles at anyone, now. You can make funny noises at him, talk to him, or even just smile at him, and he'll probably smile at you. 
  • His vision is getting great. When I approach him in the swing, he'll smile when he sees me from about 6-8 feet away!
  • Best yet, he is sleeping through the night! He's definitely a night person, and doesn't like to go to bed before 11. (He's like his mom, too. If he doesn't want to do something, it just doesn't happen.) But then he'll sleep until 8 or 9 in the morning. A couple of times, he has even slept until 9:30!
There are probably other milestones he's hit that I haven't even recognized yet. And soon, those of you in Houston will get to see for yourself! Only a few days until we get there!  I know he'll love to meet everyone. He's kind of a social butterfly.

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