Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Months Old!


I can't believe it's been 2/3 of a year since Mac was born. It's gone by so fast. Next week he'll be out of elementary school, at this rate.

We have more fun with him every day. As you know, he's crawling now. Everywhere, and fast. We still haven't done any real babyproofing. I think because our place is so small, all the outlets are blocked off by furniture. And we already packed away our breakables trying to de-clutter. We do have a cardboard box on its side to block off the litter box. But other than that, he has free reign.

Other than crawling, here's what he's doing:
  • He said his first word. "Mama." Not that he meant anything by it. But that's his first word. Ha!
  • He loves to babble, and sometimes I think he's singing. 
  • His favorite food right now is probably cucumber slices. Toast is a close second. 
  • He can pull up to his knees. 
  • He loves the Naminals. We are trying to teach him that "Tails are not for grabbing," and "Gentle." He's a slow learner on these two subjects.
  • He's not yet clapping or waving, but he loves it when I clap or wave at him. He also loves it when I let him hold my hands while I clap to Patty-cake.
He's definitely wearing 12-month clothes now. I can occasionally squeeze him into 9-month outfits, but he complains during the squeezing process.

And we've lowered the crib mattress, just in case.

Monday, May 9, 2011

On the Move!

I so wish I could report that we're moving out of the condo, but into the house. However, my news might be more exciting: Mac is crawling! He started on Saturday night. It's been in short bursts, so it's hard to get video. But I managed today.

He has a very funny crawl. He actually uses one knee and the other foot. It's so cute. (And I'm not biased, or anything, right?)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, we celebrated the MacDaddy's birthday with a weekend in Tucson at our favorite resort. I'm always happy to give the MacDaddy a weekend at the resort as a birthday gift because it means I'm getting a massage. It was fabulous, but there was more fun to be had! 

We hadn't been to the resort since Mac was about 7 weeks old. This time he was about 7 months old. Wow, what a difference! Last time, he pretty much slept. This time, the trip was all about him. It was also kind of learning experience for the MacDaddy and me. We're taking him to the Bay Area in a few weeks and this was a good opportunity to figure out the do's and don't's of travel with Mac.

He enjoyed playing on the patio and trying all the tasty food. Yep, we shared our room service meals with him. He liked the chicken from the nachos!


Most exciting for Mac, though, was the pool! It was really fun watching the MacDaddy swim, and then Mac got to try it himself!

 He thought swimming was fine, but I think he preferred lounging by the pool.

 And, of course, he always enjoys just hangin' out and bein' cute and stuff.

We also got all dressed up to go to the MacDaddy's favorite restaurant. We got tableside guacamole, and Mac ate about half of the bowl himself. He didn't like cornbread, but that's probably just because we didn't let him have butter.

The trip was a success! Everyone came home relaxed and ready to go back to work travel again soon!  Oh, and I almost forgot to show you my all-time favorite photo.

My two favorite guys in the whole wide world.  

(Don't worry, Pappy. You're a very close third!)