Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Months Old!


I can't believe it's been 2/3 of a year since Mac was born. It's gone by so fast. Next week he'll be out of elementary school, at this rate.

We have more fun with him every day. As you know, he's crawling now. Everywhere, and fast. We still haven't done any real babyproofing. I think because our place is so small, all the outlets are blocked off by furniture. And we already packed away our breakables trying to de-clutter. We do have a cardboard box on its side to block off the litter box. But other than that, he has free reign.

Other than crawling, here's what he's doing:
  • He said his first word. "Mama." Not that he meant anything by it. But that's his first word. Ha!
  • He loves to babble, and sometimes I think he's singing. 
  • His favorite food right now is probably cucumber slices. Toast is a close second. 
  • He can pull up to his knees. 
  • He loves the Naminals. We are trying to teach him that "Tails are not for grabbing," and "Gentle." He's a slow learner on these two subjects.
  • He's not yet clapping or waving, but he loves it when I clap or wave at him. He also loves it when I let him hold my hands while I clap to Patty-cake.
He's definitely wearing 12-month clothes now. I can occasionally squeeze him into 9-month outfits, but he complains during the squeezing process.

And we've lowered the crib mattress, just in case.


  1. Do you take these pictures yourself? They are great!

  2. Thanks! But no, we are proud supporters of Portrait Innovations. They are really great with kids!

  3. Love the pics. They are so adorable! Also, Mac is VERY styling. I love sweater vests (and, Morgan does, too!).

  4. Happy 8 months Mac! And I love the pictures, he melts my heart!