Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Still Here!

Yes, we're still here. Yes, everyone is doing very well. Well, everyone except me. And even I'm doing okay. Basically, we came back from visiting Houston, I was sick, I went back to work full time (and I don't really have any sick days to spare), and we have a three-and-a-half-month-old baby. So not much time left to blog, really. Honestly, we only took down the tree last night. That's right. Our tree was up until January 11th. Aaaah, the joys of being a working mom.

Speaking of the joys of being a working mom, yesterday I came home from work and got the happiest, cutest, biggest smile from the Mac Man. It totally made my day.

And I was very selfish and didn't take any pictures-I just wanted to enjoy it all by myself and remember it in my heart forever.

And then he was awake for about ten more minutes for the rest of the night. It totally made me cry. Seriously, I cried last night because I only saw Mac awake for maybe twenty minutes the whole day. At least he was smiling for about 18 of them...

Anyway, now that we have finally taken down the tree, and now that we have a three-day weekend coming up, I hope to be able to post a little more regularly. After all, I've been taking a gazillion photos, and he's doing some really neat stuff lately. (I'll save that for his upcoming four-month update... Cliffhanger!)

In the mean time, how about some gratuitous cuteness?

Christmas Night: Can you believe this sleeper is already getting small on him?

Karli holding her cousin, "Mac-a-doodle," whom she loves very much, even if he is a boy.

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