Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Month Old!

Yesterday, Mac turned one month old!  He really is growing so fast!  We had lots of fun taking his one month pictures.

Over the past month, Mac has learned to:
  • Start picking his head up when he's on his tummy.
  • Start pushing up from his tummy.
  • Roll over from his tummy to his back.
  • Focus on faces and objects. (He loves our black and white photos of San Francisco!)
  • Sleep for a five-hour stretch.
  • Stay awake for a couple of hours, a couple of times a day.
  • Make noises other than crying. 
And I have learned that sleep is a luxury, not a necessity.

I'm really looking forward to this next month. I'm hoping that Mac will learn to smile spontaneously and to sleep through the night. (I'll be happy if he sleeps for 7 or 8 hours at a stretch.)  Also over this next month: a bigger wardrobe!  For the first month, Mac only had a few outfits tiny enough to fit him. But now he's getting bigger, and more things are fitting him. There are a few outfits that are just a tad too big for him, but I can see he'll be growing into them in a couple of weeks.

Happy birthday Mac! Here's to another great month!

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