Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Miss You, Gigi!

Gigi left us yesterday. As you can see, we miss her terribly.

She got here the night before Mac was born and stayed with us for 5 wonderful weeks.

She taught us a lot about how to help a tiny little baby grow into a big boy, how to bathe him, how to soothe him, how to get him to eat...  She also took LOTS of pictures (I'll post some eventually) and even cooked for us. In fact, she left us with 4 meatloaves and 4 spaghetti meals in our freezer! I won't even mention all the laundry and cleaning she did.

We've managed to survive the first 24 hours without her, but we can't wait for her to come back and see us!  (And don't worry, Gigi, Mac has not been crying nonstop since you left. It took some time for me to catch that first photo.)

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