Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 Months Old!

Mac turned 5 months old 2 days ago. And of course, I'm late with this post because I wanted to be able to post his photos, which were taken yesterday, and then things got busy. But it's here now!

Can you believe we got a photo with him sitting up straight? The block helped to support him, but he really is getting stronger at sitting. Sometimes he can balance sitting straight up with no hands! I can also tell he's trying really hard to do something during tummy time, but I can't tell exactly what. He's wiggling around with purpose and intent, and eventually gets frustrated. I suppose eventually he'll do it and be proud of himself, and that's when I'll know what it is he's trying to do...

We'll be starting solids soon, probably in a week or two. The pediatrician recommended that we start when he's taking 32-35 oz. per day, and that's right where he is. I have the high chair and the rice cereal ready to go.

I don't have any weight or other stats to give you, but I can tell you he won't be wearing many 6 month (or 3-6 month) clothes much longer. As it is, long pants and sleeves are getting to be too short. The short-sleeved onesies fit exactly right now. I've thought about bumping him up to 9 month sizes, but those seem a little too big for him. So he's in-between. I'm sure that won't last long!

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