Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Recap Part 2: Family and Friends!

While we were in Houston, Mac was very social. He got to see Gigi and Pappy again, which made him very happy. He also got to meet his cousins Karli and Kai, whom he loves very much!  I think they are two of his favorite people in the whole world! I think they had fun with Mac-a-doodle, too, even though he was much smaller than they were expecting. But they would sing his name to him, and he would laugh and laugh and laugh! He thought they were hilarious!
On Christmas Eve, Mac met Grandma, one of his two great-grandmothers. (What a lucky boy to have TWO great-grandmothers!) He also met his Great Aunt Dana and Corey. Oh, and Poquito, who is much smaller than the Doggie-wog at home!
Mac also got to meet, well, everyone else! He was very charming on Christmas day, despite the fact that he had caught his first cold on Christmas Eve.
In fact, he and Nana (his other great-grandmother) really hit it off. She pretty much held him most of the day. She almost didn't eat because she wanted to keep holding him. And she opened her presents while holding him -- until someone convinced her he might drown in all the wrapping paper.
Mac also got to meet Brian, who was Mark's best man in our wedding. As you can see, he's pretty much got the whole "Introduction" thing down.
 Being a social butterfly is so exhausting!

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