Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Recap, Part 1: Getting There

We spent Mac's first Christmas in Houston so that everyone there could have a chance to meet him. Of course, to spend Christmas there, first we had to get there. I don't have unlimited time off, and Mark tends to fall asleep if he drives for more than two hours at a time, so we opted to fly. 
That's right. We flew with our three-month-old baby boy. Luckily for us, Mac seems to like travel as much as we do. He might even be a better traveler than we are. (But we pack lighter than he does.)

I fed him a bottle at take-off, and made sure he sucked on a pacifier on landing, to help with ear-popping. Here's what he did on his first plane trip:

The trip started out with a little of this (smiling and laughing).
Then he moved on to this (binky-love).
By the way, the "binky leash" was critical for the airplane. He will eventually spit out his binky, and it usually goes right to the floor. At home, we can pick it up and wash it, or get him a new one. On the plane? Well, if we could reach the floor in the half-inch gap between our knees and the seat ahead of us, I don't think we'd want to put that binky anywhere near his mouth -- I don't care how much you clean it! The binky leash prevented this problem. I've been known to use it at home, too.

The last two hours (or so) ended with this: sound sleep.

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