Monday, September 13, 2010

37 Weeks!!!

37 Weeks! You know what that means, don't you? It means that Mac is now a full-term baby!

It also means that my doctor may induce at any time if my blood pressure spikes. And that I could go into labor at any moment, even if she doesn't induce. And, by the way, with the way I've been feeling most days, I wouldn't complain if she did want to induce.

Meanwhile, things have been weird. I've been having more trouble sleeping. Even though I was looking forward to relaxing all weekend, I ended up out and about for most of it. Except when I was up and about, reorganizing the nursery and packing my hospital bag. Mac's bag is pretty much packed. I have a bag packed, and so does the MacDaddy, but a few things are still waiting to be packed in them.

I'm also wondering if the MacDaddy knows something I don't. Our nephew's (Kai) 3rd birthday is October 9 -- just a few days after Mac's due date. Yesterday, the MacDaddy got it into his head that we absolutely, positively HAD to purchase Kai's birthday gift yesterday.  He had several other, more pressing errands to run, but insisted that the gift had to be purchased -- it couldn't even wait until today. Hmm...  In all fairness to the MacDaddy, it probably wouldn't have been purchased today, but why couldn't it have happened on Saturday? There would still be 3 weeks left to mail it.  Oh, well, it's done (mostly -- I still want to add a couple things), so that's good.

I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow, and if anything interesting happens, I'll post another update.

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