Wednesday, September 8, 2010

36 Weeks!!!

[Or... 36 weeks and 2 days!!!]  And only 26 days to go -- or maybe 33 days for me.

I know you want to see a belly pic. But I'm expecting a really cute pic of me, my belly, and the MacDaddy taken at 36 weeks, and I'll post that one, instead.

As for how I'm feeling? Don't ask. I am amazed at the broad range of discomfort one can feel. Who knew pain could be so creative? Every day, I discover a new form of discomfort. Mainly, these days, I feel like my pelvic bone is broken, which is very uncomfortable for walking around. Not that I walk around that much, but I do have to go to the restroom regularly at least every 30 minutes.

I've now completed the two work-related tasks I felt I absolutely, positively, without a doubt had to complete before Mac arrives. The first is my FMLA leave paperwork. All done and approved. The second is my CLE affidavit. Every year, attorneys have to file an affidavit to show that we have completed 15 hours of classes that are more gut-wrenchingly dull than a high school class on the philosophy of geometric computer programming continuing legal education.  (I shouldn't be so hard on CLE; this year I got to attend a CLE program on animals that assist those with disabilities -- and it included a free lunch!) My CLE affidavit was due on September 15. I had completed the CLE by June 30, and I just needed to pull all the documents together and fill out the form online. I was procrastinating just for the thrill of worrying what would happen if Mac showed up on September 13, and I hadn't completed my affidavit yet. But now that's done, so I get to keep practicing law for another year without punishment, regardless of when Mac decides to show up.

Now, anyone who knows of my tendency to procrastinate (Pappy?) might be wondering why I completed these two tasks with about a month to go before Mac's due date. Well, at our 36 week appointment yesterday, my blood pressure reading was 130/88. Even though the doctor repeatedly said that's not high, it's just borderline, she did say:

  1. As of Monday, I'll be 37 weeks, which is full-term. So if I have a "high" blood pressure reading on or after Monday, she may just induce.
  2. "When is your mom flying out for the delivery? Is her ticket booked yet?"
  3. She wanted to see me on Friday for another BP check. Not only that, she walked me to the front and told the scheduler that she could come in early Friday, if she needed to, because she wanted to be sure she saw me on Friday. Keep in mind, I already had an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday.
So this could just be my doctor being cautious and trying to give me fair warning. But it was just as easy to take care of those two things and not have to worry about how I would take care of them immediately after Mac gets here.

Do I think Mac will be here early, like next week? I think I'm just like any other woman who is 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant, without a scheduled c-section. I think that Mac could be here in a week, or in 4 weeks, and there's no way for me to predict it.  (But you're welcome to try -- check out our Baby Pool here!)

Besides, I firmly believe that if I go to great lengths to prepare for him to arrive early, he'll just camp out inside me for a few more weeks. On the other hand, if I allow myself to procrastinate on all those things, well, I may as well plan to meet him early next week.

So I went to work and took care of the most immediate work stuff. I also booked Gigi's ticket.  It's an award ticket, so now she can change it to whatever date she wants. Hopefully, she'll be over-prepared to fly out early, making it less likely to happen.

Now I just need to pack my hospital bag and pick up a few little necessities for Mac...

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