Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're having a baby!!!

Well, not tonight or tomorrow . . . but we have a likely induction date!

At my doctor's appointment today, my blood pressure was a little higher than it had been, and I had a few potential symptoms of pre-eclampsia -- but no pre-eclampsia right now.  However, because I'm already 37 weeks, which is full term, my doctor thinks we should go ahead and induce next week. As she put it, "There's just no reason to keep you pregnant longer than that, unless you want to be." Do I want to be pregnant? No. I want to have my baby!

I did have to go in for more lab work, just to confirm that I do not have pre-eclampsia (yet). Assuming that comes back clear,* I will go to the hospital to start the induction process next Wednesday, September 22, with a likely delivery date of Thursday, September 23 (and definitely by Friday, September 24)! I let her pick the dates (although she would have let me choose, if there were a particular date that I wanted), and she picked based on her call schedule. She's on call Thursday night, so if Mac comes any time between 6 am Thursday and 5 pm Friday, she'll deliver him.  That's very reassuring to me.

Funny thing is, just this morning, I was telling the MacDaddy that September 23 is a full moon.  He asked if I'm planning on turning into a werewolf, and I reminded him of all the Old Wives' Tales (and Labor and Delivery Nurses' Tales) about full moons inducing labor. Looks like we can plan on having a full moon baby -- and if the tides help to move things along, that's fine with me!

It's all a little overwhelming, but I'm very excited. The Type A planner in me is absolutely thrilled that I get to have a timeline. My mom was able to change her ticket so she'll be here on Tuesday afternoon. The MacDaddy was able to schedule boarding for the Naminals from Wednesday through Sunday (though we can pick them up earlier if we're ready). And I was able to schedule a car seat installation/inspection for Thursday morning. And the MacDaddy and I are planning to pick up the last few things we absolutely must have (newborn diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, baby medicine cabinet stuff, baby bath products, stroller and an extra car seat base) on Sunday afternoon.  And I can finish packing my bag this weekend, with an idea of exactly what I need to keep out until Wednesday and what I need to pack.

I think the MacDaddy is mainly stressed. I have to share our conversation when I called him after my doctor's appointment:

Me: Are you ready to have a baby?
MD:  Umm...
Me:  Not today. She wants to induce next Wednesday evening.
MD:  Okay...
Me:  Are you okay?
MD:  Yeah. We knew this was going to happen.

Yes, we did know that at some point, after several months of pregnancy, we would end up going to the hospital and leaving with a baby. That is the most likely outcome. I thought that was so adorable of the MacDaddy to say, though.

Considering the stress he must be feeling, the MacDaddy's handling it pretty well. I think he is just thinking in terms of everything that must be done before Mac gets here. Which probably isn't quite as much as he might think.

I have to acknowledge that there is far more excitement for me at the prospect of having Mac sooner. I mean, I'm the one who has been feeling him wiggling around in there for months, and knows that he wakes up in the morning around 7-ish, so I'm probably a little more curious about what he's going to be like on the outside. And, of course, I'm the one who is experiencing all kinds of pain in my hips just getting out of bed to go to the bathroom 7 times a night, so naturally I'm eager to have him on the outside -- where he'll at least be easier to carry, even if I'm still up 7 times a night. 

*If the lab work indicates pre-eclampsia, then we may have an earlier induction date (as in, ASAP). I'm hoping for good results, though, and planning for next Wednesday.

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