Monday, November 15, 2010

Update - And So Cute I Can't Stand It!

Last time I posted was the day before I started back to work (part time). It all went well. Aside from the fact that I thought about Mac as much as I thought about work. I managed to accomplish some work, and then I came home to this:

Clearly, everyone survived. (I won't mention the phone call when the MacDaddy didn't know what to do about the crying, until I suggested feeding him. Honest mistake. Could have happened to anyone.)

And now, Gratuitous Cuteness!

First, can you believe how blond he is?

 Or how happy he is?

Or how strong he is?

 Can you believe how stinkin' cute he is?

Hey, we're having lows in the 40's. That's "dead of winter" here in Arizona. Besides, the clothes fit now, so he has to wear them now!

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