Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wanderer

Given how much Mac traveled in the womb, no one should be surprised that Mac started traveling before he was 7 weeks old. Yesterday we got back from Mac's first road trip! We headed to Tucson for a relaxing stay at our favorite resort. (I think it was more relaxing for Mac than it was for the MacMommy and the MacDaddy.)

Usually, the MacDaddy and I pack one duffel bag (for him) a tiny overnight roller bag (for me) and the MacDaddy's backpack. Sometimes we also bring the small camera case.  This time, here was our trunk:

In the back seat, we also had Mac's diaper bag, the MacDaddy's backpack, and the big camera case (a backpack with the camera equipment).  Mac, of course, had plenty of room to stretch out in the car and sleep the whole way there:

After we got there, Mac really enjoyed it. He liked getting dressed up for dinner:

He also enjoyed relaxing in the room and took full advantage of the room service:

[He thought the room service at the resort was every bit as efficient and pleasant as the room service at home.]

We also took a nice walk to see a waterfall:

And he learned that at the end of a trip, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed:

All in all, the trip was a success. Although his schedule was disrupted by the travel, he got right back in sync as soon as we got home. Last night he slept from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am. The MacDaddy and I learned a few things about travel with Mac, but we did pretty well this trip.

Mac's next trip will be even bigger: He'll be flying to Houston for Christmas.  Let's hope that trip goes as smoothly as this one did.

Happy Trails!

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  1. In my defense, had I known I was going to be in the picture I would have combed my hair.