Friday, November 19, 2010

You Know You've Become a Mom When...

You're making dessert and nibbling on the raw cookie dough . . .  And then you think, Oh noooo! I will have to eat raw cookie dough in secret when Mac gets older so that he doesn't think it's okay to have raw cookie dough! Because it's NOT okay for HIM to have raw cookie dough! 

Even at this very moment, I firmly believe that I can eat raw cookie dough because, hey, on the off-chance that I get salmonella, I can handle it. I'll be miserable, and the MacDaddy will have to work pretty hard to take care of all of us, but I'll live. But the risk of Mac getting salmonella? UNACCEPTABLE.

Yup. I'm a mom.

And now, how 'bout some gratuitous cuteness? You know, to thank you for reading.

Who doesn't love baby-hugs?!

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