Tuesday, June 15, 2010

24 Weeks!

Yes, I am officially 24 weeks pregnant. Well, 24 weeks, 1 day pregnant, as I write this. So that means:

  • The MacDaddy finally felt his first outside kick yesterday! I was so excited! I've been feeling these kicks all this time, and just over the last week started to notice I could feel them on the outside, too, but I couldn't predict them. Yesterday, it felt like Mac was practicing for his own World Cup, so I called for the MacDaddy and put his hand there. He finally felt something! But he was unimpressed. Pfft. I guess he was expecting a genuine World Cup kick. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to impressing the MacDaddy. That might actually hurt me a little.
  • Man, my heartburn is killing me. Indigestion, really. I get it all -- heartburn, acid reflux, whatever. I just wish I could find Tums in a yummy flavor, like "chocolate peanut butter ice cream" or "BBQ ribs," instead of "fruit-flavored chalk." And to make matters worse, the nurse from my insurance company threatened me last week. She said that it will get worse as Mac gets bigger. Great...
  • Officially, Mac has at least a 50% chance of survival if he arrives early. And the odds increase with every day. But as I've said before, I highly doubt that the MacDaddy and I could produce a child who shows up early for anything.
  • Still liking my size. In fact, I'm currently in denial that I will get much bigger. Just let me live in my dream-world a little longer, imagining that I won't ever develop serious back pain, have trouble squeezing through tight (or not-so-tight) spaces, get swollen feet, lose my sense of balance, etc., etc., etc. And I'm sure that list is nowhere near complete, but those of you who know better, just let me live in ignorance.
So there you have it!

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