Monday, June 28, 2010

The MacDaddy's Gettin' Excited!

Over the past week, the MacDaddy has been getting even more excited about our baby boy on the way. He felt another kick, and this one he could immediately identify as a kick -- he grinned instantly! So gratifying, and not at all painful for me!

Also, he ordered a book. (Background: he's in the Amazon Vine program, which allows him to order books and other merchandise for FREE, but he has to submit a review. This is one of those books.)

What book, you ask? This one:

Previously, I had come to terms with the fact that the MacDaddy was doing no research in preparation for becoming a parent. Although it's so unlike him to avoid research, I figured:

a. He's a natural with kiddos.
b. He learned quickly when it came to training the dog.
And most importantly,
c. This way, I get to do all the research, choose what I like, and then instruct him on the one and only, correct way to raise Mac.

So this does throw a wrench in my plan to become the MacDictator. In any event, it didn't stop me from purchasing a t-shirt yesterday for Mac that says, "Dad's the BOSS until Mom comes home."

Really, I'm happy to see the MacDaddy getting more excited. Besides, he already told me he wants me to read the book and let him know which chapters to ignore.

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