Sunday, June 6, 2010

Belly Pics!

It's the moment Tiffy's been waiting for! You get to see my growing belly!

I have a whole series to post right now -- and I promise to post them regularly in the future.

16 weeks:

NOTE: This was taken when I was 16 WEEKS PREGNANT. This is NOT a BEFORE shot!

18 weeks:

20 weeks:

22 weeks:

So there you have it. I think right now I'm a pretty nice size. Doesn't always feel great to bend over, but other than that it's pretty manageable. And I'm obviously pregnant -- as opposed to looking like I need to lay off the beers for a while. I had my first belly rub (from a friend, not a stranger) this week, and last week I had people realize that I was pregnant just from my appearance.

Well, Mac is kicking, and I think that means he wants some breakfast. I do, too. Funny, my stomach never growls anymore -- I just get kicked or punched. Don't worry, MacDaddy -- it's like being kicked or punched by a Ken doll (well, a plush one), so it really doesn't hurt at all. Yet.

Off to breakfast!

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