Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where will Gigi sleep?

Mac, the MacDaddy and I are so fortunate that Gigi has offered to come and stay with us for a WHOLE MONTH right after Mac is born! That means the MacMommy won't have to worry so much about all the laundry Mac creates. Or panic when she realizes that holding your sister's sleeping infant is NOT practice for actually becoming a mom.

But where is she going to sleep? Last time she stayed with us, she insisted on sleeping on the sofa, because she likes to sleep with the TV on (and we only have one TV). So she got to sleep on this:

As much as we appreciate the fact that Audra & Richard donated this to us (in much better condition than you see here, mind you), you have to admit that it's pretty monstrous in our tiny little condo. (The MacDaddy could lie down on it flat and the entire length of his body fit between both arms. And the Doggie-wog could lie next to him without hanging off.)

Not to mention we've really worn it into the ground.

So I was pretty excited to get a nice, new little loveseat:

Ain't it purty? But as much as I love the new loveseat, it's not nearly as accommodating for sleeping guests.

The hope is that the new, unworn, tiny loveseat will make our tiny little cave, er, 2-bedroom condo look nice and roomy to a potential buyer. (And we just had one check it out this morning -- and yes, I left the tags on the arm. Pfft.) And then we'll sell the cave/condo and buy a nice, roomy MacMansion -- or at least a house with enough room for a nursery, a study, and a guest room for Gigi! Fingers crossed!

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