Friday, July 23, 2010


What? Who, me? Nope. The MacDaddy.

That's right. The MacDaddy has begun nesting. To be fair, I have been holding off, largely because we've been trying to save his study for as long as possible. August is the month we picked to convert the study into the nursery. We could have waited until September, but that's a bad month for the MacDaddy -- he's a teacher. So August it is, and in the meantime, I've been wishing I could start decorating a nursery, but keeping it all to myself.

But this week, the MacDaddy himself called and arranged for a painter to come and repaint the room. He also met with the carpet guy, got some carpet samples and estimates. And then, yesterday, he got aggravated that we have too many piles of papers around the house (we both pile, like little termites), and insisted that I could not go to bed until I had gone through my laundry basket full of papers. Yup. He's nesting. At least I get to pick the carpet and the paint!

Now, if only he would scrub out the bathtub and polish the silver...

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