Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tennis [Balls], Anyone?

I managed to survive the glucose tolerance test yesterday. The rumor is correct and the orange drink tastes a lot like Orange Crush. The worst part is the 1-hour wait in the lobby of the lab. I couldn't really focus on reading, so I did crossword puzzles on my phone until I hit the sugar crash and couldn't do it anymore. Fortunately, by then I had less than 10 minutes to wait. Special thanks to the MacDaddy for going with me. I hate blood draws and I appreciated his support. Stay tuned next week for the results...

After that, we headed to our first Lamaze class. The instructor is very enthusiastic. I'm sure the class will be helpful, even if she does say things like, "The average time for a first labor is about 18 hours, and that's probably a little low."

At one point, the MacDaddy asked what a focal point was. As part of my explanation, I mentioned that the Doggie-wog would probably recommend using a tennis ball as a focal point. Not ten minutes later, the instructor recommended that we bring tennis balls to the hospital to use for back massage during labor. That's when the MacDaddy and I lost it. Maybe we will have to use a tennis ball as a focal point -- and massage. (Don't worry, Doggie-wog. I won't steal your beloved, nasty, slobbery ball. I'll get my own. And then you can have it when we get home.)

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