Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Nursery: Before

I think it's only fair to the MacDaddy and myself to show you what we're starting with when it comes to The Nursery. Otherwise it'll just seem too simple.

Here's the actual room where Mac will sleep:

Now in all fairness to the MacDaddy, there used to be about twice that many shelves -- full of books -- in the study.  But the MacDaddy has been systematically paring down, storing, selling, etc., to cut it down to this manageable amount of books.  Initially, the intent was to make the room look big for buyers, but more recently, the MacDaddy has recognized that his son will want some space around here.

Next, you'll want to see the stuff we have to fill up the nursery:
It looks so compact right now, but I bet it doesn't look that way once we've put everything together!  (By the way, there were some clothes upstairs in a big laundry basket and another suitcase-full at my mother-in-law's house when this photo was taken.)

So as you see the different phases of our nursery conversion, please remember that this is where we started.

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