Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Nursery, Phase 1

If you haven't already, please see the previous post to get a baseline for what we had to work with.  Seriously, it's unfair to the MacDaddy if you don't look.

Today, we began Phase 1 of The Nursery Conversion. And by "we," I mean I supervised by phone, from work, while the MacDaddy did all the heavy lifting. Lots of lifting, apparently.

When I texted the MacDaddy that I was heading home from work, he sent a response.  It said, "I'm heading out to get groceries. FYI, the place is in some disarray." [In Literature classes, this is what they call "foreshadowing."]

Here's what I saw when I came home:

Cozy, huh?

Boxes of books.

Books around every corner...

So obviously the MacDaddy had worked very hard, early this morning, to get the books out of the nursery before the painters showed up at 9:30.  Frankly, this is about the amount of disarray I expected to see tonight.

But seriously? We have that many books? Actually, these are all the MacDaddy's. Other than about 8 inches worth of baby reference books, mine are all in storage or on Kindle. Impressive collection, MacDaddy.

So then, I wanted to see the results of the paint job:
Isn't it beee-you-tee-full?  The MacDaddy and I love it!  Okay, truth be told, the MacDaddy loves it, and I'm getting used to it. Pretty ironic -- I'm usually more willing to adapt to change.

After that, it was time to relax.  So I went into the bedroom to get my slippers.  Where I found this:

And this:
Aaaaaaand this:
Needless to say, I was shocked. Shocked. Shocked.  Shocked and awed might not be an overstatement. I mean, two major thoughts at once: (1) "More books? How is that possible?!" and (2) "Where am I going to sleep? How am I going to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night without breaking my neck -- 5 times?!"

Know what the MacDaddy said? He said, and I quote: "You're going to post something on The Mac-Man about how many books I have, aren't you?"  Darn tootin' I am.

So it seems that at some point (namely, around 8:45 am), the MacDaddy realized he didn't have enough time to make all those trips up and down the stairs, and he needed to put it in fast-forward.  So he started piling the books in the bedroom.  Makes sense. 

Currently, while I'm blogging and cooking dinner (shameless -- and slightly misleading -- plug of myself as a domestic), the MacDaddy is shelving books downstairs. Stay tuned to find out whether I haul pillows & blankets and camp out in the bathroom tonight...

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  1. In my defense, I would like to point out that some of the stacks of books show up multiple times in these photos, so it is NOT as if I have a problem or anything.

    The "Mac Daddy"