Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Nursery, Phase 2

Phase 2, of course, being the carpet. And this is where I get my just desserts, after having called out the MacDaddy for all his books. We had to empty out the storage in the bedrooms (3 closets, under the bed, everything in my wardrobe...) so that they could move the big furniture and put in the carpet.That was Thursday night.

The MacDaddy still had a few things to take care of when I left on Friday morning.  (That's how awesome the MacDaddy is. I fly off to Vegas for the day and he stays home and manages home improvement. I love that man.)  So when I got home on Friday night, this is pretty much what it looked like:

I love the new carpet. The naminals also love the new carpet. They hang out on it all the time.

And here's the photo we're using for our application to appear on an episode of Hoarders:

Yes, those are my clothes all over the table. And those suitcases are basically full of my shoes, and some more of my clothes. The MacDaddy has a few pairs of shoes and some clothes in there, but most of that stuff is mine. (Except for any books.) The worst part is I haven't worn the majority of those clothes in more than a year. I haven't been able to fit in most of them since I got pregnant. I'm living off a small stack of maternity dresses.

But we have new carpet! Now we can proceed with putting together the nursery!  Well, except for...

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